Start of a journey through the brain

Hi readers!

As the blog-title “Brain Explorer” suggests, in this blog we will take you on a journey through the brain. Wonsang You and Sarah Moens, the writers of this blog (see the “About”- section for more information about the authors), want to take you on a wonderful journey through the brain, explore the complexity and the beauty of an impressive organ where sensations of the world around us come together, a multitude of information is processed, movement is initiated and learning expressed, just to name a few.

Since we both have different backgrounds, i.e. computational neuroscience and behavioral neuroscience, we hope to cover topics in a complementary way and cover a wide range of topics that could be of interest to a wider audience interested in neuroscience. Some advanced topics will be discussed as well, but in the end we want to make this blog accessible to everyone interested in neuroscience and hope to foster that interest and foster constructive discussions that could emerge from the ideas, questions and comments of fellow readers. So we definitely want and need your input, to make this a vivid, inspiring community page.

Blog messages will concern recent neuroscience news facts, published articles, neuroscience introductions, discussions…

Although the goal is to cover a wide range of topics, the authors are particularly interested in functional brain networks on the one hand and sleep on the other hand, so these topics will get some extra attention and will be discussed more elaborately.

Any comments on the progress of this blog and your input is appreciated. We hope you join us on our journey!
Kind regards,

Wonsang and Sarah

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